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Leading Change in Government

Leading Change in Government

September 16-18, 2014

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Georgetown University campus, Washington, D.C.  



As a government executive, you often are tasked with leading change or achieving increased efficiency in your organization. This three-day program, designed exclusively for government executives, draws on the latest research to equip you with the specific skills and tools needed to develop a comprehensive change strategy and the confidence to apply it in complex organizations. Through the program, you will gain the theoretical foundation and pragmatic implementation techniques, as well as learn from executives who apply the tools daily.


This program is designed specifically for Government executives. Only those applicants from government organizations will be accepted into the program. 


Strategic Purpose

With the current global economic climate, government departments and agencies are facing new challenges which are likely to force or accelerate change. This comprehensive graduate-level course designed exclusively for government executives will equip participants with the knowledge, resources and skills to lead large-scale organizational change.


Approach and Coursework

Program coursework includes lectures, classroom discussion, and workshops around practical strategies to help managers and executives keep workforces and their organizations focused on their goals. We encourage – and appreciate – real-world examples of challenges faced by participants in their organizations, and incorporate the examples into program learning. The LCG curriculum was developed jointly by Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business and Booz Allen Hamilton, ensuring the integration of theoretical knowledge and practical applications to address government challenges in a meaningful way. The LCG curriculum follows a proven path from foundation to application. The program covers:

  • Foundation and Fundamentals: Including history of change management and a discussion of business strategy and its importance to change.
  • Change simulation: Looking at the decisions faced by change agents and the situations which tend to arise.
  • Expert practicum: A guest speaker will walk the participants through a significant change initiative that they have led and the leadership process and strategies they engaged.
  • Bodies of knowledge: Leadership; communication; human capital; process and infrastructure; and performance management. 


Program Fees and Registration

The program fee is $3,825. 

There is a 10% discount for multiple registrants from a single organization or department for this program.



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